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Click to enlarge19" Plush Embroiderable Christmas Stocking

**Sample shown stitched with our Free Designs Snowflake Scroll and Snowflake Corner now available at for you to download and use for free! Your stocking of course comes blank so you can add your own personalization.

We've just received our shipment of the new "Must Have" embroidery gift of the season, a plush Christmas Stocking designed especially for Machine Embroidery!

The innovative new Embroiderable Stocking is made from one of the leading plush animal companies so it is super soft (like short plush animal fur) and has an invisible zipper that opens this stocking from the top of the cuff all the way around to the inner top of the toe. When unzipped, this stocking lays flat for unbelievably easy embroidery!

You will want to stitch a stocking for everyone on your "nice" list!
This plush stocking is 100% polyester and we have it available in both the standard 16" size as well as this Jumbo 19" size (for those who have been especially nice!) The 16" size is available separately.

Stocking Embroidering Tips:
I recommend using a tear-away stabilizer in the hoop (either a self adhesive type or regular tear-away sprayed with a temporary adhesive like 505 spray). Hoop the stabilizer only, then simply adhere the area to be stitched right to the sticky surface of the stabilizer. Hooping the actual plush stocking may leave hoop marks.
Place a layer of wash-away type stabilizer on the top of the design area to help keep the stitches from getting buried into the pile of the fur. I use my machine's basting stitch to tack the layers together in the hoop before stitching out the design.
I also found best results stitching the white cuff as a single layer, rather than stitching through the underlying red stocking. When stitching through both layers, some of the red fur pushed up through the white cuff. I remedied this by opening out the cuff and stitching only through that layer (or by stitching with red thread!). After stitching, I rinsed the wash-away stabilizer out in the sink and tossed it in the dryer with a towel and dried it on medium heat. Very Easy!
This Product meets all current safety standards and is labeled: "Decorative Item. Not suitable for Children".
Embroiderable Stocking 16" - $9.60
Embroiderable Stocking 19" - $11.20
Order early as this is a seasonal item!


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